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The oil smells and feels amazing! The perfect balance of scents...I couldn't stop smelling my hands lol. And the oil wasn't too heavy nor was it greasy. I love it! ~Shannon, Orange and Eucalyptus body oil. 

Hheeyyyyyy!! I have soooooooo many clients interested in your oil!! WE NEED SOME IN OUR SHOP GIRL!!! if you want I can take some orders and cash app you..... id like to buy a few more too so that I can have some here to sell if that’s ok w/ you? I’m loving how my hair is coming back ALL READY!! Definitely a happy customer!! ~Sarah, Peppermint hair growth oil. 

I used it on my skin/ elbows where I have these dry patches that might be psoriasis. And it helped immediately! ~A.M., Oatmeal and brown sugar scrub 

Hey girl! My son loves the sugar scrub! He was like "mom feel my arms, and my chest and my NECK!" lol! Keep up the great work! ~Xavia, Oatmeal and brown sugar scrub for eczema 

That oil has changed my life, so calming. I wear Amazing Grace perfume and with that oil it makes my perfume smell even better. It actually smells like your oil. ~Tamara, Ylang ylang, Lavender and Jasmine oil

The oil CALMLY takes away some of the itch and also lifts the "silverfish" scales without making them bleed. Gretchen, Peppermint hair growth oil used for psoriasis 

I have bad psoriasis on my elbows and nothing else has helped them, except the Oatmeal scrub. I also used the oil to grow my edges back and they came back after daily use for a couple of months. The oil has been great for my curly hair, keeping it from being frizzy. Everything smells amazing, feels amazing, and I don't have to worry about what's in it because it's all natural! I can't wait to try the toner and some face masks! Rebecca, Oatmeal and brown sugar

I absolutely love my face!!! Closed my pores, took the dryness away and it's as smooth as baby skin!! Maria, turmeric & charcoal scrub

So happy with this product. I can barely hold it in...but the progress report isn't due yet. The bottle is almost gone and my hair shedding has literally stopped. I've put nothing in my hair but shampoo, conditioner and this product. ~D. Simmons, Peppermint hair growth oil 

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